Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva

Renzo Marinai olive oil is our pride and joy, and it brings us just as much wonder and enjoyment as do our wines.

We have 13 hectares of olive groves – including a three-hectare organic grove acquired in 2016 and hundreds of old and new trees planted in the same year.

Our planting philosophy follows the old Tuscan tradition that recommends a blend of Moraiolo, Correggiolo, Frantoio and Leccino olives.

Each variety brings its own distinctive attributes and the end result is an oil of unique character, flavour, aroma and quality.

We use only our own olives, grown and tended on our estate, to make our olive oil, which is certified organic and holds the DOP Chianti Classico status.

Harvesting is done entirely by hand and the crop is collected in small baskets to prevent any damage to the precious olives.

Within hours of harvesting the olives are transported to the mill. Leaves and any other plant material are removed, the olives are washed with fresh water, and the crushing begins.

The particular crusher we use at the mill, combined with the skill of the mill technician, yields an oil with very high phenolic values and great anti-oxidant properties.

The mill has a low-impact oxygen system and does not heat the oil during crushing; the parameters are monitored and regulated based on the variety of olives and their health, temperature, maturation, water concentration and the final result that we want to achieve.

The oil is immediately filtered to remove any water or impurities and it is stored in stainless steel containers, cool and away from light, to prolong its shelf life.

Bottling takes place using dark glass bottles that reduce the penetration of ultra-violet light.